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Something For Everyone!

Whether You Shoot 300s Or Gutter Balls We Have a League For You!

Bowling is challenging, mentally stimulating, competitive, FUN, and cost effective. Bowl-A-Roll Lanes provides a clean, safe environment the whole family can enjoy.

Scratch Leagues 

Scratch leagues use only the Scores that are bowled. It puts team vs team, bowler vs bowler in a competitive environment. Only the strongest survive! These leagues usually have a higher weekly fee, and a bigger prize payout at the end of the season.

Handicap Leagues 

Most leagues use a average to determine team and/or individual handicaps. The handicap is the difference of the averages between the two teams that are facing each other (sometimes then multiplied by a percentage, such as 90%). The handicap gives teams with lower averages a chance to compete against teams with higher averages. This is so everyone can compete with each other no matter your skill level.


Bowling is the perfect sport for any child, it’s the only sport where no one rides the bench and everyone plays EVERY week. Size and strength are not a factor. We have bumper bowling available for children as young as 2 years old and facilities for disabled bowlers also. Bowling is a lifetime sport and a wonderful group activity.

Senior Leagues 

Our senior leagues offer a great way to get out and exercise while having fun with your friends. We have several leagues to choose from. The handicap system makes it fair for all. Bowling is a lifelong sport for all skill levels. Join in today and enjoy.

Homeschool Leagues

Looking for a new sport to fulfill your Physical Education requirements? Join our Homeschool bowling program and see how much fun bowling can be. We will help you set up a team as well as provide on lane coaching to assist the children. We will also assist Homeschooling groups that would like to establish a program for their members.

Company Leagues 

Now, get down to team building. Randomly assign people from different departments of the organization to each team to allow familiarity and forge new strong professional relationship. The competitive spirit of the staff will move to the next level with this initiative. The learning curve in bowling is not very steep making the game highly entertaining. Staff suffering from physical disabilities can also bowl.

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